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[HIRING][PART-TIME][REMOTE] Full Stack Mobile Developer

🏢 W-Line 🌎 Remote 🕑 May 07

This job offer is expired


W-Line is one of the most promising raising start-up in Ticino. We group the best talents at a regional and international level to form highly dynamic and competitive teams. We are convinced that only leveraging the potential of the best professionals one can aim to deliver highly innovative product that have an opportunity to re shape the world we live in.


W-Line has born with the objective of developing amazing software that improves quality of life of people that live all around us. Our product aim to simplify the transition to the digital age by providing efficient, elegant, simple to use solutions to the daily challenge professionals have to deal with. We aim to make our life better, one piece of software at a time.


As Mobile Full Stack Engineer you are going to work in direct contact with the development team and are going to report directly to our Technical Director.

Within our team your main responsibilities will include the development of any iOS, Android and Python functionality. Thanks to our scrum process every Monday morning we are going to coordinate our efforts with a Slack video call. Once we all agreed on the features to implement in the current sprint, you are going to start independently work on the tasks assigned to you. Using git you are going to periodically push your work to our main repository and make sure tests on our CI environment passes with success. You are going to develop tests to increase our code coverage and improve the system thrust-ability. Time to time you are going to collaborate with our front end designer to integrate the graphics he create for our mobile application. You are going to help the team maintain the project documentation, adding frameworks how-to’s, best practices and any information that might be relevant to the project. You could, according to your expertise and interests, help the team creating, managing and destroying the infrastructure needed by the project, deploying unix os, installing our solution stack and monitoring solutions.


  • We are looking for a professional with interdisciplinary knowledge:
  • Excellent knowledge of Kotlin / Java
  • Excellent knowledge of Swift
  • Great knowledge of Python (Flask/SQLAlchemy is a plus)
  • Solid software development foundation (OOP, Design Pattern, Development Principle)
  • Experience in API design and mobile software lifecycle development practices.
  • Used to Scrum, git, agile and modern development methodologies
  • Excellent communicator (english, written and oral)
  • Basic knowledge on unix operating system a plus
  • Basic knowledge of apache, nginx, gunicorn, mysql a plus
  • Guided by a strong sense of quality
  • Positive, happy and looking to spend some great time together.
  • Knowledge of PHP and/or Javascript another big plus.


W-Line offers a remote part-time position (50%, 21 hours per week) with a good salary. Objective oriented work with flexible hours. All this in a dynamic young environment, where every idea is considered, evaluated and processed, where every one have the opportunity to make a difference.

W-Line is not a company but a talent incubator. Within our structure you are going to have the opportunity to grow and perfect your knowledge, we internally promote self improvement and held various session related to the technology we implement.

How to apply


If what you just read stimulates you, if you are looking for a new opportunity and you are ready to sail on a new adventure, if you feel ready for a new professional challenge that will test your deepest knowledge, send an email to jobs@w-line.ch with your complete profile. We don’t need big long documents, nor hundreds of old small work. We want one, maximum two example of your best work, the latest possibly, the one you are most proud of and that can clearly show why you are the best for this job. The best candidates will have a small synthetic cv, a couple paragraph about who you are and why you are the man, and a piece of code that shows how magic is software development when is done by you.


From the time we put online our offer we are going to wait two weeks, after which we are going to evaluate carefully all the application and start following back. If you are not hearing news in 3-4 weeks, please consider your offer rejected, we would love to be able to reply to any of you. But the company is small and time management is critical. Hoping to share a piece of journey together, we thanks you for your interest and time and we wish you an amazing way forward.


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