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Senior Android Developer

SalesRabbit Inc
SalesRabbit Inc Lehi, UT, US June 13

This job offer is expired

We’re a sales enablement company that specifically helps field and door-to-door sales teams do their jobs quicker and more effectively. The core product we offer is a mobile and web app, supplemented by knowledgeable people who help companies make the changes they need to in order to improve and grow.

SalesRabbit is also Nick, who has a heart of gold and a killer instagram. (@nickdid_)

It’s Jesse, who laughs at everything and probably knows more about spreadsheets than you do about your own mother.

It’s Ben, who can pull leads out of thin air and is perpetually easy-going. Hey, if seven kids doesn’t phase you, nothing will.

It’s Kris, a database wizard who will humiliate you at our foosball table. Think of it as a rite of passage.

It’s Karlie, who is a killer support agent and budding content writer because she likes to seize every opportunity she can.

It’s GRITITUDOSITY (grit, gratitude, and curiosity-- our company values), it’s #random chat, it’s catered lunch, it’s a genuine opportunity to grow, it’s casting random videos on TVs around the office, it’s sincere collaboration, it’s a reasonable temperature, it’s the best place to work.

Yes, I’m technically being paid to say that, but I’d be willing to say it for free.

About you:

Look, we’ve read everybody else’s job postings, and their approach isn’t working for us. No more “5+ years experience, self-starter, strong work ethic, etc.”

Here’s what we’re genuinely looking for:

  • A good, confident architect. We don’t care where you learned it or how long it took you to get that way.
  • Someone who is passionate about perfecting themselves and their craft. That’s how we are here.
  • Someone who embraces change and handles it maturely.
  • Someone who loves new tech but is also down-to-earth about what is most practical from the business side of things.
  • Someone who is a pioneer and loves the challenges and rewards that accompany trailblazing development. We’re planning on new, impactful product segments that you’ll have a huge hand in building.
  • Someone who has the grit to get through the tough times, the curiosity to always be better, and a grateful attitude.
  • Someone who isn’t an ex of one of our current employees. That would be awkward.


We’ve got all the strappings you’d expect from a startup-- stuffed food pantry, catered lunches, soda machine, hoverboards, bean bags, ping-pong, and that relaxed, open-office environment.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll skimp on the important stuff. Not only will you get a salary, but it will be a competitive one. We’ve got 401k matching, several healthcare options, and access to all the tools you need to do your job well.

Most importantly, you’ll work with us. You don’t know us yet, but trust us, that’s big. Hope to see you soon.


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