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Android Engineer: Bring our app development in-house, and cross-skill to iOS

Lux Group
🏢 Lux Group 🇦🇺 Sydney, Australia 🕑 July 04

This job offer is expired

At Lux Group we're building our technology stack for the future. We are in the exciting phase of our engineering where the work is greenfield and the technical debt is low.

We are looking for an Android developer who can work closely with our Service and API Engineers and our Mobile App partners to help bring our Mobile App development in-house. You'll be working in a small cross-functional team with a focus on strong engineering. This is an excellent opportunity to cross-skill to Swift/iOS and help us build a team of OS-agnostic mobile developer. 

You will not have any immediate line management responsibilities, however, we do provide a career path if that is a path you want to go down.

You will have a huge impact in developing a product used by thousands of people worldwide on a daily basis. You will support our philosophy that engineers do not simply push through cards but instead, question whether we are building the right product, or whether we can find a simpler solution by redefining the problem.

We value:

  • Holding strong viewpoints without offending others too much
  • A desire to always learn
  • Always negotiating with the product owner rather than simply writing code
  • Changing scope rather than working late hours

Relevant skills:

  • Solid understanding of Kotlin/Java and modern Android development practices
  • RESTful API design fundamentals
  • A creative and analytical mind, an interest in problem-solving
  • Understanding and experience with CI/CD and running software in the cloud
  • A healthy distrust of your own ability to write solid code without tests
  • An enthusiasm to learn new languages such as Swift.

Bonus points:

  • Any iOS experience will be highly valued

Direct applicants only, please. Unfortunately, we cannot accept International Applicants.


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