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Product-Focused Software Engineers (Remote Work, iOS/Android/Web)

Gaia GPS
Gaia GPS Remote March 29

This job offer is expired

Help build the future of outdoor mapping at Gaia GPS. We're hiring at least two developers, to design and develop the front-end. We envision hiring one developer to focus mostly on web front-end, and one to focus on Android or iOS front-end, but with work potentially spanning full-stack or even map-making.

We're looking to hire people who can be very product-focused - strong coders who can also do things like design and wireframe features, thoughtfully use data, AB testing, and experiments, and drive growth with ideas and execution.

Lifestyle and Benefits

  • The company is all remote, currently distributed across North America.
  • We have the most flexible work environment, which lets all of us balance family and other interests, with work.
  • We offer 4 weeks of vacation, and another 12 paid holidays that can be shuffled around. We provide 2 months of paid maternity, 1 month of paid paternity, and additional unpaid leave.
  • Non-salary financial benefits include bonuses based on company performance (you'll learn the formula while interviewing), health insurance, and 401K matching.
  • We provide the best computers, monitors, tablets, and other home office equipment. We reimburse home internet and mobile phone bills. We comp expenses for any sort of books or other materials for learning.
  • We have a retreat every 9 months, alternating with and without families (past ones include Tahoe, Zion, Rocky Mountain NP, camping, backcountry skiing, etc), to hang-out and mingle the remote team.

Skills and Requirements

  • We heavily favor candidates who do a lot outdoors.
  • You must have published complex websites, apps, or other software.
  • We prefer a technical degree (CS or engineering), especially if you don't have significantg coding experience.
  • We use many languages and platforms on the front-end/back-end, so we are looking for people who have a streak of excellence/depth, but no particular technical background is required. Our front-end stacks include Swift/Objective-C, Android Java, React, and node.js. Our back-end stacks include postgres/postgis, AWS, django, and docker. We have extensive map building infrastructure based on OpenStreetMap and other open data and tools.

How to apply

Email jobs@gaiagps.com with subject, "Software Engineer."

Attach or link your resume.We'd prefer a cover letter around 5-10 sentences, 2-3 short paragraphs. Tell us:

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